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Misty Vanbrooke by Nickel2Sulfate Misty Vanbrooke by Nickel2Sulfate
Full Name: Cheryll "Misty" Vanbrooke
Age: 17
Species: Demon/Nekomata
D.O.B.: September, 24
Height: 5'4ft (162.56 cm)
Weight: 125lbs (56.79 Kg)
Seiyuu/VA: (Eng) N/A, (Jnp) Satomi Arai
Occupation: Otaku
Sexual Orientation: Straight (?)
Marital Status: Single

Weapons: N/A
Favorite Drink: Milk
Favorite Food: Carrion
Personality: Misty is a wild card. Her personality is typically the least of everyone's worry as they are often too busy trying to avoid her rotten gossip. Misty essentially is a sweet girl but it is overshadowed by her obnoxious and otherwise unruly behavior. Though she acts ditsy, when it comes to something she wants her demonic and cruel side will show as if by a flip of the coin.
Bio: Few people know that Misty's own father died of cancer at the very young age of six. Even fewer know that Misty signed a pact with a demon. She did so thinking that he will keep his word in bringing her beloved father back to life. Naturally, the lying demon did no such thing. He then turned the ignorant child into a nekomata--a demon who has the ability to transform into a cat. Due to this transformation she gained the unfortunate taste for rotten flesh (among other skills and abilities). Her loving mother (though clueless of the exact change in her daughter at first) did her best to protect her only child. Misty lived a somewhat recluse life for a good portion of her childhood years. The day she learned of the computer was the day that all seemed to change. She unofficially changed her name in an attempt to start over (naming herself after the infamous Pokemon water gym leader). Misty is now a proud otaku, often blending her anime-fantasies into real world situations. Whether or not she completely believes these fantasies is unknown--however it has been shown that she understands the separation to some extent. Misty tries to act like her situation isn't that big of a deal--however because she is a demon it is highly possible she will never become accepted into heaven. Misty nonetheless is a devoted Christian--hoping that one day God will spare her for her ignorant choice as a child.
Theme song: Brick by Boring Brick- Paramore

Misty and art ~Nickel2Sulfate
Backbiting-Enkeli Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
D'aw, dat Misty~

I just love how you draw faces. :I All the time, I don't know why. Well, I do, you just have skillage, but still. B[ I just thoroughly enjoy how you draw expressions.
Also, I enjoy the subtle dramaticness going on with the whoosh of her hair. c:

But, poor girl. ; - ; At least she's optimistic. YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO MISTY.

Anyways~ -cough-
Good job, man~ c:
Sulfur: You hear that, Reiji? She wants to go to heaven. And who's an angel?
Reiji: > .>; I'm not that... powerful.
Sulfur: No, you're just LAZY. >B[ Misty, slap him. Plzkthx.
Nickel2Sulfate Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012  Student General Artist
Gn'aww thank you. <3 hopefully I can still draw it like this--this is kinda an old sketch in a since. I had it inked for a while but never got to finishing it. Then I finished coloring all but the cat and used today to do that. <B
I LIKE WOOSHY HAIR. and her hair has a lotta woosh. B|

;; yeah. She is optimistic about it. ;u; sometimes she gets down but she always gets back up. BC

THANK YOU~~ :la:

Misty: ;U;| O-Oh Reiji doesn't have to do anyything. Reirei I can do it by myself I'm a big girl I don't need a strong man like you to help meeee. ;U; You just go along now and read your manga like I know you're reading. >u> ufufu
Nickel: I can't tell if that was an insult or a compliment. :I;;
Backbiting-Enkeli Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The cat turned out awesome, just like the rest of this picture. BD
You GOTS ta have dat WOOSHY HURR.

Well good, never fall down and not get back up! NEVER. ; - ;

You're welcome~ 8D

Reiji: .... I don't read... manga. > //3//>;; -stuffs his bag underneath him, sitting on it- Cease with these lies, young one. -crosses his arms-
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